Volksrods are lowered, wingless Volkswagen Beetles rapidly growing in popularity. They are used as an alternative to the traditional Ford Model T or Model A. The Ts and As are becoming more scarce and more valuable. Consequently, their expense has made obtaining and modifying one not feasible for the masses. Because of this, according to some, hot rods have lost that sense of rebellion and have become stale.

As an alternative, the Volkswagen community has turned to the volksrod. With over 21 million Beetles made, they are cheaper, easier to find, and easier to find parts for. The volksrod starts out as a traditional Volkswagen beetle.

A volksrod is defined, generally, by a lowered Beetle with its bumpers and wings removed and a chopped roof. Many have Ford front axles, so that the wheels are moved forward, making the car appear stretched. Pinstripes are often a popular feature, and original wheels are equally as common as custom ones. Most volksrods have various mechanical and interior modifications, usually with speed instead of comfort in mind.

Another popular customization is to move the stock Volkswagen axle beam forward or reverse the trailing/torsion arms and re-work the steering linkages. But as with all types of car customization, lots of different modifications are practiced in different combinations.

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