The Original ATCOA Viking - Straight Line Dual Piston Long Shoe Air Sander Edit

The first straight line long shoe dual piston air sander was the invention of Otto Hendrickson in 1960 with a patent issued in 1965 to ATCOA Air Tool Corporation of America. The original ATCOA Viking designer, Karl Selander, directed the now industry standard red and black slope design of the original ATCOA Viking. He was also responsible for refining a range of design and functional aspects of the original ATCOA Viking before it was introduced to the market. The funtion and design was to transform the auto body business making perfection profitable and auto body sculpting art.

The Original ATCOA Viking led to a revolution in the auto body customizing and repair industries. Today the ATCOA Viking has been copied by the industry down to the original paint. Karl Selander and his ATCOA, Inc. re-entered the straight line long shoe air sander tool market with the first straight line long shoe air sander to be built to the original standards since production of the original ATCOA Vikings ending in 1982. The current ATCOA, Inc. Viking II Legend was introduced to the market for the first time October 30th 2009. ATCOA, Inc. is once again building the original tool ATCOA Viking to the original standards, tolerances, metalurgy, only improving to take advantage of modern tooling standards and to increase durability based research on the their machines after 40 years of daily production use in the field. Today the Viking II Legend is the first straight line long shoe dual piston air sander in the industry to carry an optional lifetime warranty, reflecting the original standards brought by this tool to the industry and revived in 2009 with it's re-birth. ATCOA

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